Peacock Life Design Consultancy

We Make Design Affordable

Peacock Life was founded with the idea of making luxe interior design accessible and affordable, with a personalized service made available by Shabnam’s team of senior designers. The team follows Shabnam’s design process which stems primarily from understanding the client’s wants and approach. Then it is about the qualities the space presents such as the uniqueness of the structure, the height, core materials used, and last but not the least, natural light.

The team starts with planning the design process and addresses every element from floor plans and layouts, curating furnishings, artwork, window treatments, selection of furniture, lighting installation and decor accessories, with the final signature touch added by Shabnam. The result is a beautifully-coordinated space that is elegant, comfortable, practical, and one that completely identifies with the occupants.

Peacock Life’s bespoke design services include interior design and turnkey projects, interior styling and makeovers, wall-art consultancy and design, and commissioning of lighting, artwork and furniture based on client brief and budget.

Handcrafted Furniture, Light-Fixes and Interiors
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